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and Training

Vocational skills in live music are in demand, but difficult to attain without knowing someone already in the industry.  The TMWC education model offers structured training, certifications and accredited courses for entry level and for career advancement to anyone interested in live music production.

Employment Opportunities

 Our job board acts as the dedicated space for coalition members to access job opportunities from TMWC’s music industry partners and employers. This way our members get the best gigs and our partners get the best, most dependable employees.

Community Engagement

TMWC is a centralized point of communication between everyone involved in the live music events industry. 

We also offer professional event consulting for well-organized, fun, safe and successful productions.

TMWC’s Production Workshop Registration is Now Open!

Thanks again to everyone who volunteered with us this past February!

Cars Line Up for Essentials
Overhead view of the Production – Photo by Sandy Carson

Our Mission

“To support displaced and future professionals in the Music industry by offering education/training, employment opportunities, and community engagement that promote industry best practices.”