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Our vision is to provide a workforce solution that connects displaced and future creative workers with jobs, training, education, group organization, stabilized compensation, standardize hiring practices and an establish professional value of their skill set.


Creating a Coalition

This member-based program and workforce solution will provide support for the live music, event and entertainment industry. It will be driven by a coalition that is inclusive of all branches within the industry whose professional skills make the event and entertainment sector possible.

Y’all Means All

This coalition understands the importance of diversity. The opportunity to discover, pursue and engage within this industry isn’t easy. It’s even harder when pitted against society’s economic influences puts you at a disadvantage. It will be our focus to provide the space, education and opportunity for anyone of a marginalized community within our industry.

Job Security

Together, we can establish the standard of professionalism for events produced across all mediums of entertainment. In doing so, we can drive the industry in a direction that puts value and worth to the skills, experience and qualifications necessary to be defined as a professional.

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