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We Are Here to help the Texas Music Industry

We exist to benefit those who have dedicated their lives to the proliferation of Texas music.  

With the social systems we exist in and our city, state and federal resources buckling under the pressure of COVID-19’s impact, along with the unstable and fragile economy, it has become abundantly apparent that we, the majority of working people who comprise the music industry itself, begin to shape our future and what we want it to look, feel and operate like.

For far too long we’ve managed to navigate and survive in the rocky, forever changing, and beautiful music industry with no real concrete and widely agreed upon definitions of job roles, qualifications, and other defining metrics of what it means to work in the music industry as a professional, especially in the production and operations areas.

With this pause in the music industry, and our lives, we seek to step into that space, create, and define the stable work environment we all known has been sorely needed with training, community resources, employment opportunities, and best practices.

Our Values and Goals

Y’all Means All Ya’ll

TMWC understands the importance of diversity and is committed to building programs with an intentional focus on equality and inclusion in the music events industry.

Through scholarships and community outreach, TMWC provides education and job opportunities for people in marginalized communities and only seeks partnerships with organizations that share our views.

Job Security

Together, we can establish the standard of professionalism for events produced across all mediums of entertainment. In doing so, we can drive the industry in a direction that puts value and worth to the skills, experience and qualifications necessary to be defined as a professional.

Safety Net and a Plan for the Future

Creating a safety net for our future starts by establishing the industry standard for wage and labor protections. By standing together, we can create the expectation of being compensated fairly for the skill level, time and completed work.

Creating Education Pathways

The coalition will support it’s members by creating a curriculum that defines industry standards. Our school of production model will offer training, education, certifications and accredited courses for general career advancement and opportunities.

Coalition Event and Festival Job Board

The job board will connect the dots between the qualifications of creative industry professionals and the skills that are transferable to career opportunities within and outside of the music industry.

Acting as the dedicated space for coalition members to apply to job postings, the job board will also provide a space where individuals can create a professional profile.

Stand Out + Get Noticed + Get Hired

When job hunting, additional training opportunities will be available to enhance your profile and put you above the fray. Additionally, we plan on having a robust rating management system to help job recruiters assess your competencies.

To build up a rating, members an take career advancement courses, have a supervising manager provide a performance review of a past or current position or get “vouches” for verified skill sets.

Founding Members

Kara Casteel – President
Jason Terracina – Vice President

Mike Hanley – Head of Education
Marta Stefaniuk – Head of Marketing