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Community Engagement

As our industry continues to adapt and evolve with the pandemic, we are happy to provide the following services to our members:

  • Event Consulting – TMWC, made up of four industry veterans with a combined experience of 70+ years, is happy to provide consulting services for your upcoming event. We can provide the following:
    • Planning
    • Permitting
    • Production
    • Staffing
    • Day of Show Execution
    • Post Event Feedback / Post-Mortems

  • Resume Building – TMWC has both tools to help you enhance your resume in addition to a staff of qualified Resume Revisionists who will work directly with you in honing your cover letters, resumes, and other related documents. They will help in the following ways:
    • Ensure your resume is easy to read, has quantifiable achievements, and is relevant to the jobs you’re applying to
    • Ensure you’re aware of other free resources out there to help with any career transitions you may want to explore
    • Give you ideas on where to focus your job searches
  • Career Counseling – TMWC provides qualified staff to help you discuss your career goals and formulate a game plan to get you there. We can:
    • Focus first on your internal goals, and what you think your strengths and weaknesses are
    • Help you pinpoint your own personal WHY – what are your values, and what do you want to do in life that both serves those values while helping others? This will help refine and define your life’s purpose, making it clearer which industries and roles you need to focus on.
    • Give you all of the tips and tricks we have available to achieve your career goals, while being realistic with timelines and expectations.